Breakfast on the go #1: Fro-wich

FroWich, Breakfast on the go

A sit down breakfast is now a thing of the past

FroWich, Breakfast on the go

…well at least for must people who have to get to work early or even if you are a stay-at-home parent who can’t seem to sit down to eat because the little people in your house insist that they eat first and then leave a mess for you to clean up. Well, whatever your morning status, breakfast may be far from your mind. Maybe you want to eat it but tell yourself you don’t have time–well perhaps a little time for some coffee or tea. Or maybe grabbing a fast breakfast on your way to wherever is your best option. Have you noticed the long lines at McDonald’s and Starbucks in the morning? Everybody is thinking the same thing, I’ll just have someone fix breakfast for me real fast. I get it, I’m there with you too sometimes. Ever since I started teaching across town, I have really early mornings and long drives. The best time for me to eat is in my car. But I think I may have a quick solution for us all.

We have all seen the protein smoothies that are good on the go but I want to add another option that doesn’t involve a straw or a blender, shucks it doesn’t even involve a cup. Allow me to introduce the “FroWich”. All you need is yogurt and Belvita breakfast biscuits ( I think Nature’s Valley also makes them too). Did I make this up? Yeah, well at least I think I did but there may be another blog out there that has the same idea unbeknown to me though. I honestly, had these items on hand and wondered what would happen if I put them together and froze them overnight. And Presto! The “FroWich” was born.

Here is what you do

you take a yogurt of your choice (We love Trader Joe’s yogurt!) and spread it on two of the breakfast biscuits -there are four biscuits inside each individually wrapped package. You then top with a thick or thin layer of yogurt and sandwich it with the other breakfast cookie. I usually make them all on one night and wrap in plastic wrap, freeze and then  just pull from the freezer in the morning. They are delicious and kind of remind me of an ice cream sandwich but with less sugar and fat. You can choose a yogurt with more protein for an extra boost too! You only use about a 1/4-1/2 container of the yogurt. AND depending on the yogurt use, this breakfast can be 300 calories and under. With the serving of yogurt I used, it came to exactly 300 calories! I sometimes pair this with some hot green tea on my way to work. Breakfast done!
I don’t want to call this a recipe because it really isn’t but here are step by step directions and pictures. You can also view the video here.

FroWich, Frozen yogurt sandwhich, breakfast on the go
Items you will need: yogurt, plastic wrap, breakfast biscuits and a freezer
Belvita breakfast biscuits
Open biscuits and spread across plastic wrap, flat side up.
Trader Joe's yogurt on Belvita
Spoon and spread desired amount of yogurt on top of two of biscuits.
Make a sandwich with other two biscuits (one of mine cracked but when it is frozen it won't matter).
Make a sandwich with other two biscuits (one of mine cracked but when it is frozen it won’t matter).
Stack one sandwich on top of the other.
Stack one sandwich on top of the other.
Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap from one side. Roll and wrap.
Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap from one side. Roll and wrap.
Place wrapped sandwiches in freezer for 2 hours or overnight.
Place wrapped sandwiches in freezer for 2 hours or overnight.

You will need:
Breakfast biscuits such as Belvita or NatureValley
Yogurt (about half a small container)
plastic wrap
a freezer

1. Tear off a square shaped size of plastic wrap (I used Glad Cling).
2. Open biscuits and lay out all four biscuits flat side up.
3. Spoon out a desired amount of yogurt and spread on top of two of the breakfast biscuits.
4.Use the other two breakfast biscuits to make a sandwich with yogurt topped biscuits.
5.Stack one sandwich on top of the other and then wrap with plastic wrap.
6. freeze for two hours or overnight. Unwrap and Enjoy!

Disclaimer: In order to eat and drive, you may want to unwrap these before you take off or unwrap at a stoplight or better yet wait until you arrive at your destination to eat. Be safe out there on your commute!

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