Dang Toasted Coconut Chips

Dang Coconut Chips

A chip worth a second chance…

I recently tried a new kind of chip…coconut chips. I had first seen these on IBOTTA-a kind of coupon/rebate saving app that allows you to use your rebates towards gift cards. I am a chip girl (like they are my weakness) so I was happy to give these a try. At first I had a hard time finding them in my local grocer and after awhile I gave up. Then I ran into them in the organic aisle. They had a couple of flavors, but the bacon flavor was what caught my eye. I didn’t really think about what the flavor combination of bacon and coconut might be. [pullquote]but the bacon flavor was what caught my eye[/pullquote] I simply thought: bacon and a dollar-off coupon. So I purchased. It came to about 2.99 for 1.43 oz. They are vegan, gluten free, dairy free, non-gmo and a good source of fiber…oh and no cholesterol. On the package it says they can be used as a snack or sprinkled on salads, ice cream or wherever you chose, the Dang Foods website even has a bunch of yummy looking recipe’s from Dang Coconut Shrimp to Dang Coconut Caramel Apples that you can use these toasted coconut chips to make. I was excited to try these.

I opened them up…and then got distracted by one of the kiddos. After handling whatever was going on, I sat down on the couch and forgot about the chips for a minute until my 3 year old came over and said “Ew”. Ew what? I wondered. Then I saw him sniff the bag of chips that were between us on the couch. I had forgotten I had placed them there but my toddlers nose was addicted to sniffing them and then saying “Ew”. So I ate one without sniffing first. They had a bacon-y flavor that ended with a sort of sweet taste. They were, after all, coconut but with a crisp and a tiny crunch. I couldn’t decide if I liked them. So of course I had to have another. My tastebuds were still not sure. So I smelled them. If my taste buds couldn’t decide, my nose could. The smell plus the few that I had eaten left me with a little nausea. I went to find the package to find out why the dang, Dang Chips smelled so dang bad and made me feel queasy all of a sudden. The first thing it says under the name is “Dang, that’s good!” Well, I had to disagree with them there. The biography of these chips went on to say that the owner named them after his mother. OK, my heart softened there. How sweet!  In short, would I try these again…hmmm. Yes, just not the bacon flavor, these chips just have to much potential! Perhaps I should have started with the plain first. Non-coconut lovers need not participate. 

Have you tried Dang coconut chips?

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