Entertaining kids in a hotel room

Rest is hard to come by when you’re traveling with kids.

They’re rambunctious from sitting in the car, you’re exhausted from driving and trying to keep them entertained.

So what can you do?

Here is a list of ten things that kept our kids busy for at least 2 hours.

1. Go for a Walk

This became part of the plan because there was a Dollar Tree and Target in walking distance from our hotel. I’d decided we needed to grab a few inexpensive items for some in-room activities (I told the kids we were having a family party. The walk was good for the kids. Initially, they were upset that we didn’t drive, but I was forcing them to get some energy out. Plus, I needed the walk too.

2. Balloons

Not the kind with helium, but the kind you blow up can be fun. If your kids have the lung capacity, have them blow up a couple of balloons. We had two queen beds so we put the kids on the opposite sides of one of the beds and had them play volleyball. Points were given to the opposing player if the balloon was dropped on the grounded, touched the bed, or landed on their dad’s head.

3. Dry erase markers

We had two windows, or maybe it was one window separated by a bar thingy. Whatever, it worked perfectly. Dry erase markers are removal from the windows, so we had the kids do art and words with their marker. They thought this was awesome. “Mommy it’s like writing on the sky!” Just don’t forget to remove after they’re done. If it won’t come off, try hand sanitizer.

4. Watercolor Painting

So glad we were near a Dollar Tree and Target. Dollar Tree had these cool 4×6 canvases. I picked up two and a water color set for a total of $3. We used a cup of water in the room to wet the paint. While one continued drawing on the window, the other sat down at the hotel desk and began to paint. It made them feel like little artists. Now for those of you who don’t have stores near you to buy mini canvases, try using the hotel note pads, usually located near the phone or ask the lobby for one. Instead if paint, you can use crayons, markers, ink pen. Get creative!

5. Glow sticks

We did a couple of things with the Glow sticks (I found a pack of four at the Dollar store). First we used them for reading in the dark. My 4 year-old thought it was fun to crack them to make the glow go into effect. Next we used them for a dance party. I turned on some Kidz Bop and let the kids dance with the sticks to their hearts content. Third, we used them for Star Wars sword fighting.

6. Running

We took to the halls. I allowed the kids to run up and down the hallway twice just to release some energy. I didn’t want to disturb our neighbors too much so I only had them do this twice.

7. Swimming

We didn’t do this, only because it was cold outside but if you have your bathing suits and the weather is nice or you have an indoor pool, this a good option.

8. Tech time

This where we let our kids play a game on their tablets for 30 minutes. Again, this is a personal choice. I understand some people don’t like for their children to have screen time. Another option is to bring cards like UNO or regular playing cards.

9. Order room service and a movie

We didn’t do this one either but it was an option. You can watch a movie while snuggling in bed together and order some takeout.

10. Thank you notes

Use those little note pads and write thank you notes to the hotel staff. They will appreciate it.

What sort of activities do yo with your kids when you travel? These ideas came from coffeeandcarpool.com

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