Essence Beauty Box: February

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Ok, I know, I know I skipped December and January. Those two boxes had some products for hair and skin that I wanted to give a try a couple of times before I gave any reviews. As a result, it took me longer to get a review out and now here we are at the end of February. Therefore, I wanted to put this review out as soon as I could so I would not get any further behind.

I decided to do a Vlog unboxing and try on a few of the products. To all y’all vloggers out there, I got give it to ya; vloggin ain’t easy. I recorded and edited this video by myself (my hub is usually the expert in this area) and it was hard work. But my first video blog it isn’t too bad…in my opinion.
I really only tried the face products in this box because I was not sure when it was coming exactly. I had already done my hair for the day (wash day) so the hair product reviews will have to wait until the next wash day.

So you can check out my unboxing and review on the video or read a little bit about it here.

Iman Lipstick: The color I received was ‘Scandalous’, a deep red lipstick that didn’t look to shabby on me. However, the process of putting it on was no bueno. The lipstick was very soft and moisturizing. I really could have used a good lip liner before putting it on but I didn’t have one that I felt would go well with that color, plus I wanted to try it on as it was. It got a little messy. It felt good and moisturizing but smudged easily. I went to an event later that day where there were chicken wings and other finger foods. Every time I bit into something, there the lipstick was; on the food, on my fingernails and somehow on my children. It was almost like liquid on my lips. This is not a lipstick for kissers. Perhaps there is a way to get lipstick to stay on without smudging so much, I don’t know that secret yet. I am going to rate this as one thumb up and a thumb to the side because I loved the color but hated the messy factor.

Cover FX Mattifying primer: This primer is an acne and blemish fighter, at least that is what the container says. I don’t have much acne nor do I know much about primer but I was happy to try it. I wore my foundation with and without it and noticed a difference. With the primer my face looked smoother and had less lines, without it…well those things I just mentioned showed up. I really never thought much about primer- mostly because I never really wear foundation only tinted moisturizer. I liked the effects of Cover FX. Catchy name, great appearance. Two thumbs up!

Kiss Look So Natural Lashes: I was so happy to get these! I had been wanting to try eyelashes…again. These looked very natural, lightweight and tapered. The problem occured when I tried to put them on. Oh gosh, I am just not that great at putting on lashes. I couldn’t get those things on. I have tried lashes in the past. It was hit or miss for the lashes. This time was a miss. I tried a couple of times to get it right but I just didn’t have time for it. Baby girl was napping and I wanted to get the video blog going.
One thumb up for the natural look. One thumb down because I could not get them on. No fault of Kiss though, this was all on me for not knowing what to do.

Colgate Optic White: Usually Essence sends about four products per box. However, the pre-boxing video guide said that this was a bonus. I had tried Colgate Optic white before when I was trying whiten my teeth really fast. It is said to be one of the fastest working whitening toothpastes. I don’t exactly remember my results the last time. So I had no problem trying this again. I liked it. It tasted different from my normal toothpaste. It was also a little bit thinner, like kind of watery. I liked it though. I felt clean and minty fresh. Putting this toothpaste in the box with red lipstick was a good idea because I couldn’t tell if it was the lipstick or the toothpaste that my teeth look whiter. Two thumbs up!

In the video, I did quite a bit of editing. I actually re-did the video the next day because of some errors. In the video you will see my ashy hands. I apologize in advance. I get eczema on them in the winter and I forgot to lotion up. So please excuse those.
I really hope to try the other hair products very soon!
Essence Beauty has now sent me three different color reds. I have liked them in different ways. A good red lipstick is hard to find. Do you have a favorite red? Lipstick, not wine 🙂

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