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First of all, if you don’t know what a “bae-cation” is it means a vaaction with your bae. If you don’t know what bae is, well where exactly have you been lately?! Bae is the new term for your “boo” and your “babe” clashed together. Ok now, moving on….This was the theme of the Essence Box this month! They must have known it was my birthday month and decided to send it to me a little early! Just kidding. However, this box arrived earlier than all my other ones: two weeks after the April box was sent. I am not complaining though. I was thrilled that it arrived so soon.

So time to review!!!


Essence beauty box May1. Pur Minerals Impact plus Mascara:
I did not think too much of this at first. I have tried 3 mascaras within the past 3 weeks. This one seemed just ok, but then I noticed myself glancing at my eyelashes over and over. They didn’t seem longer but something was different, something was impressionable about them. They were definitely darker and even curled a bit. Perhaps their was some length. I went to read up on some reviews and more product information. It is a mineral mascara that hydrates the lashes with vitamins as well as lengthen and volumize. I like it! I have thin, short eyelashes and I definitely saw some improvement. I prefer this Pur MInerals over my drugstore brand. This is perfect for batting those eyes at Bae!

2. Poo-Pouri: We’ve all heard of this right? The spray that you use before you go. I did an Essence beauty box survey where they asked if something like this would be a good option to put in. I said YES!!! For one thing, beauty consists of smelling good and though this is not a spray for your body per se, it is  beneficial. Picture this; you and Bae are on a nice romantic vacation or maybe a staycation. You have a nice dinner over candelight, you laugh talk and get ready for exclusivity. But something is up with your tummy. Bubbles and rumbles start sounding off. Oh no, you have got to go and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Enter the Poo-pouri, you spray, you go, flush and wash. Bae does not have to know you tore it up in the bathroom! And yes it does work!

3. GingerYum Massage Candle: Before I even opened the box good, my nostrils were filled with mint. It wasn’t overpowering like some mint scents. It was subtle. What is great about this candle is that you can use this Kosher soy wax with top grade essential oils to massage into skin, cuticles or Bae of course! I wanted to find out more info about this and went to GingerYum’s Facebook page. I found the owner is an African American lady. So I then went to her Etsy page to find that you can purchase a candle like this for $5.00. Not bad! This comes from a small business and I definitly will support!

4.Equitance brightening foaming facial cleanser: Loved the way this made my face feel! It felt smooth and moisturized. There was no drying afterwards. Did it cleanse? Yes. Did it take off my make-up? a little bit.  Did my face seem brighter? Yes…I think. When I first looked at this, I thought ok another facial cleanser. I washed with it and was impressed. It had a very light fragrance that wasn’t overpowering at all, kind of like a clean/floral type scent. I tried looking up information on Amazon but it does not appear to sell there. So then I googled it. I went to the website and read about Equitance’s products. So far I have only found that you can order it directly from Equitance website. The ingredients are natural and this brightening cleanser contains cherry blossom leaf that purifies the skin from day to day pollutants. Sounds good to me! I may just change up my skincare regime for this one!

5. Simple Clean facial wipes: These are great for those times when you are so tired you that you don’t feel like washing your face but you know you need to take your make-up off. Makeup comes off easily with these and they leave you face soft with a light, pleasant smell. I have used these for my daughter’s sticky face once. She actually let me wipe her face with them and no struggle. I don’t think I would do this everyday though…not for her little baby cheeks. These are also great for on-the-go times. I can see myself using these for taking off mascara before using the Equitance cleanser.

So my Bae has something up his sleeve for my birthday. He told me I need to pack for 2 days. Well, all these things will be coming with me! Thanks Essence!

What beauty products do you put in your travel bag?

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