It’s Our Five Year Wedding Anniversary!


Five Years and Counting!

On, November 13th, the hubby and I reached a milestone…we celebrated our fifth year wedding anniversary. Alright you youngins, don’t laugh! My veteran couples of 10 years plus can tell you that this is a big deal. Shout out to my parents going 38 years strong! Whew!
I am gonna keep this post quick because, well, it is our anniversary and should I be writing this right now? Probably not. So let’s be brief a quick ABC guide to how we’ve made it to this point.

Arguments – we’ve had lots of them. Is it normal, absolutely. Were they always necessary? Absolutely not!
Babies – we have got two of them and they motivate us to keep going because they need us.
Cleaning up – sometimes our house looks insane messy. We assigned tasks to who cleans what. It makes a big difference.
Dancing – it keeps me sane, happy and motivated
Elijah – our first-born who constantly makes us laugh
Friends – we need friends to hang out with and talk to when we have shot each others nerves to smithereens
Google – we use google for everything from calendars to sharing grocery lists and of course looking up advice to why these kids are so nuts
Humor – oh gosh, having a sense of humor helps with everything doesn’t it?
Interruptions – sometimes we cannot get a word in with constant interruptions from our kids. Sometimes it is to our benefit.
Jam – not only am I talking about the strawberry kind that we use to make Elijah’s PB&J sandwiches three times a week but I am also talking about if either one of us is in a jam, we are always able to lean on the other person for help
Kindness – self-explanatory
Long distance – the hub travels for work, when he goes, it is tough on the whole family. When he returns, i love him even more…. see S 🙂
Matches – sometimes dinner doesn’t turn out right and i have to light it on fire..just kidding. We need those matches for candles and well occasional blowouts from dinners gone wrong
Netflix – having separate queues is a must. I don’t like to watch extremely violent shows, he doesn’t like to watch Once Upon Time
Our- remembering that there is no “mine” has been helpful, we have our money and our house and sometimes we have “our shoes” because we like to share the black Chucks.
Prayer – praying for your spouse is powerful
Quiet time – so needed and self-explanatory
Reading – we have to stay educated and current, so whatever we read, it benefits our-relationship whether it is self-help, blogs, fiction, non-fiction or a recipe book
Sex – it can be stress relieving and when tension between us arises, this helps tremendously
Time out – sometimes everyone in the house needs to be alone for moment, for peace of mind or to chill out
United – we have to be united on rules and things that occur with the kids
Very quiet sex – see B, E, and Z
Washing the clothes everyday – if not we end up buying more clothes because we can’t find what we already have
X sex – hey, it ends in an X by now you should gather that this is an important part in our marriage. it does not rule our marriage but it does allow us to connect with each other
Yoga – stretching together has proven to be a relaxing experience
Zara – our baby girl that makes us see things through rose-colored glasses. You cannot look at her and not smile.

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