Mixing Up Your Date Activities: Not Your Usual Dinner And A Show

Sur La Table

Keeping it hot with a cooking class at Sur La Table

I have been wanting to take a cooking class for a while now. Not because I need any skills training (I do) but because I thought it would be a fun date activity. Initially I had planned for us to take this cooking class the night after our anniversary but I did not reserve our spot quickly enough. However, as luck would have it, I found a pasta class happening at 10 am. Our Nanny was flexible and watched the kids for us for the day. So Jamal and I had us a nice little day date. The pasta class took place at Sur La Table. Where we were welcomed with someone asking if we would like coffee, tea or water. Hubby chose water while I had iced chai tea, Yumm!!

Sur_La_TableYou can register online for classes and see exactly what you are going to make. In our class we made parppedelle pasta with kale, Italian sausage and Arrabbiata sauce. We also made cheese tortellini with a roasted cauliflower, bacon and sage. The description on the website made it sound way better than I did. We were in class with about 16 other people and we all fit. The hub felt it may had been a little bit smoother with couple people less especially since we were having to share the pasta machine. I thought it made it a little more fun. We made our pasta using a kitchen aid mixer pasta attachment and also the Atlas Marcato Pasta machine (the only reason I know what kind it was is because I had to look it up) with crank handle. It was fun using both.

Fresh PastaWe made our pastas together and then we made the sauces in teams with the other cooks.
There were a few kitchen assistants in the kitchen helping everyone and cleaning up. In the class, we used all Sur La Table products and some were pretty cool like the garlic peeler and rocker. Of course, this was all a hidden way to get you to think; “Hey, I need that. Let’s buy that with our coupon!”
There were a couple of breaks in between that allowed us to look around the store and use the 10% coupon we received for signing up for the class or have some of the snacks that they had in for us. We refrained from the snacks in order to save room for our food.

The class is actually two hours long but the time flies by as you are learning and cooking and then finally, eating. The food was delicious prepared according to the recipe. However the chef brought a few seasoning options such as Pinot salt, black truffle salt, lemon salt, red pepper flakes and a few others that I can’t remember.


Cooking ClassesWe enjoyed our day date, because after, hubby let me shop and we got to hang out for a while kid free. Sur La Table’s cooking class was a wonderful experience and I would definitely like to do it again. If you are looking for a fun way to hang out with your loved one, friend or a family member, check to see if you have a nearby Sur La Table that offers cooking classes.

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