Head Wraps: A Dedication To My Ma

Hello there! As you can see in the title, this post is about head wraps!

What’s a head wrap? A head wrap is a fun way to accessorize your hair/head using a scarf. Now you don’t want to use a winter scarf. You want to use a scarf that is light weight. It can have designs or be solid in color. It can also be rectangular, square or even an infinity scarf. There are quite a few head wrap tutorials out there. This tutorial is especially dedicated to my ma who is undergoing chemotherapy and has lost her hair.

As a child both my grandmother’s had long, beautiful, thick hair. One of them told me that a woman’s head of hair was her crown and glory. I remember going to the hair salon with my mom waiting for hours to get my hair done. What would once be a kinky fro was turned into long, straight tresses. Getting my hair pressed is a part of my childhood. Yep, I said a press also known as a hot comb. I still own two old-fashioned hot combs, one of them from my grandmother. I very rarely use it, partially because I don’t have the patience to straighten my hair myself. Anyway, when ma was on the phone with me and combing her hair she was telling me how her hair was coming out. For some reason, this made me cry because picturing my mom bald was scary and very unfamiliar. Once I got home and put the kiddies to sleep I started looking up hats for cancer patients and came across some head wrap tutorials. The hats I saw were very pretty but pricey. How could I help my ma feel beautiful while she goes through this trial in her life?

I decided to do a tutorial for her with 3 ways to do a head wrap. These three styles are simple and quick and I use 3 different scarfs: square, rectangular and an infinity one. Rocking these wraps with some pretty earrings definitely add to the chicness. The first scarf I use was given to me by a friend but I am pretty sure it came from Forever 21. The second once came from Target. The infinity scarf I use came from Ross. So just in case you want to know a place to find nice scarves, try those places.

This is not just for my ma. It is for anyone who wants to accessorize their hair in a different way. At first I use to be self-conscious about wearing scarves on my head outside the house; concerned with what people would think of me. But I’ve learned to not care so much about what other people think. People will talk if you’re wrong and they will talk if you’re right.  As long as you don’t leave the house with rollers underneath them, I think head wraps can be beautiful. So if you haven’t checked out the video already, please do so! Try it and be beautiful!

To ma, I hope this video gives you some ideas. I know you have a million things to think about. After you read your scriptures for the day, think about what shoes you’re going to wear, with what outfit, what head wrap or hat and you’re going to style your make-up. I want you to look and feel beautiful every and all day long! Love you!


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