Honey Garlic Smoked Chicken

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The smokey combination of pecan and hickory wood mixed with a sweet honey garlic rub on this dish will have your guest coming back for seconds!

It’s summertime so that means it’s time to get out of the house and fire up the grill! Getting outside the house to light up the grill keeps the house cooler and makes my wallet smile, not that I need much of any other nudge to fire up the grill. 

I had some Boston butts on the bottom rack of the WSM (Weber Smoky Mountain) when I decided to do a quick run to the store to grab some drinks. Just my luck, my local grocery was having an anniversary sale and I was able to pick up a few packs of chicken quarters with a buy 1 get 2 free deal which I couldn’t pass up knowing there was some extra rack space left on the smoker! This worked out great as the chicken had a much shorter cook time than the butt’s and was done in time for lunch. This also solved the problem of random snacking before the pork would be done later in the evening.


Honey Garlic
This is what’s going to be flavoring our chicken today.

Remembering I had picked up some Weber Honey Garlic Rub a few weeks back and had been intending to use it on some chicken, I already had my game plan locked by the time I arrived back home. I rubbed the chicken down with a bit of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce as I feel it adds nice flavor, helps with color, and promotes good adhesion for the rub to bite into. I then proceeded to add a liberal amount of the rub on the chicken making sure to get it into any cracks and crevices.

I have got to tell you, these babies were delicious! The sweetness of the pecan and thick flavor of the hickory wood was a wonderful complement to Weber’s Honey Garlic Rub. It has most definitely earned a spot my starting roster and I’ll be using it again.


Honey Garlic Smoked Chicken
These were on the smoker for about 3 hrs, until the chicken reached an internal temp of 170-175


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