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There are sooooo many subscription boxes going around. You can try just about anything. Here at the Wilson household, we have tried Dinner boxes, beauty boxes, wine boxes and snack boxes. 

We’ve actually only tried two boxes so far; NatureBox and Love with Food. Here’s the difference: Nature box comes with sharing size bags of snacks that you can choose. Each bag is 4 oz. worth of snacks. I chose to get the 6 bag option. You can see my review for the Nature Box right here. Love with Food boxes are a surprise and mixture of snacks. You could get vitamin samples, candy, hummus, almond butter, popcorn, pretzels and the list goes on. Mostly everything that is in the Love with Food boxes are healthy snacks. You also get coupons in the box to buy more of the snacks you love and points for reviewing snacks online which then get you discounts to buy the full-sized snack you love. 

Love with Food snack Deluxe snack box
This is a box I received back in June and a close up of some of the snacks.

I started getting Love with Food for my dad as a Christmas gift. He can be hard to shop for so I thought a subscription box coming to his door would be pretty cool. I think he enjoyed the box, at least that is what he would tell me when we would talk on the phone. After about four months of  Love with Food boxes being delivered to his door, he decided that he was all good on those. My mom told me she felt that non-heathy snacks tasted better. Ok, so I decided to get the box delivered to myself. I could always see what they had in their box when I would check the website online. I liked most of the stuff I saw, so switching the delivery address from theirs to mine was really easy. So far, I have gotten 5 boxes. I have loved every single one of them. I am a snacker and enjoy this box better than the NatureBox. 

I gave one of my boxes to a friend who had just had a baby. I thought it could be useful seeing as how snacking and grabbing things here and there is what mostly happens when you just have a baby and are breastfeeding. 

Need a great gift for someone you love? A snack box, especially this one is a great option. Whomever you get this box for (even for just yourself) will find something that appeals to their senses. There is just so much to choose from especially if you choose the Deluxe box. 

How does it work?

Go online to Love with Food, choose a box for you or a gift for a friend.

There are 3 types of boxes to choose from: Snack size=8 snacks per box + one meal donated to a food bank; Deluxe box= 16-20 snacks + 2 meals to a food bank; Gluten free box= 10-12 “celiac safe and mostly dairy free snacks” + 2 meals to a food bank.

What’s in it?

A few items from the Love with Food snack box. All non-gmo and no artificial ingredients
These are just a few snacks I haven’t gobbled up yet from last month and this month’s box.

All snacks are organic, non-gmo, no-high fructose corn syrup or free artifical “junk”.

I wish I had more pics of what’s in my box, but honestly I am so excited when it gets here, that I dive in! Check out the video of an unboxing my little one and I did!

Have you tried a snack box? What’s your favorite?


This review was solely my own and not paid for by Love with Food or any other company. This post does contain some affiliate links.

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