The Wilson’s Move to Washington

Picture taken at Kerry Park in Seattle, WA.

I was thinking of The Watson’s Move to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis when I wrote the title for this post. It’s been my hashtag since I announced that we were packing up our things to leave Las Vegas.

It’s been a month since we’ve called Washington State our home.

We moved in on Christmas Eve eve, LOL. It was a rush to get here and get unpacked. The kids were worried that Santa was going to miss them.
Santa almost did miss us, but I am so grateful that I was able to get connected to some people that I already knew here. On Christmas Eve, I braved the crowds (which weren’t that bad) and went out to do some shopping. Big shout out to a previous boss that I’d had in Las Vegas for watching my kiddos. Such a blessing to live around the corner from her. (I’m talking about you Alli!)

Kids opening gifts on Christmas day.

Needless to say, Santa didn’t miss us. We spent the morning opening gifts and then Hubby went to work while the kids played with some of their toys.
Fast forward. We’re a month into Washington life. I don’t love it. In fact, I’ve cried almost every day. And if I’m not crying, I’m fighting with myself to get out of bed.
In Las Vegas, I awoke with the sun and I’d say “Oh it’s morning! Let me read.” Here in Seattle, the sun rises later, so it’s dark when I awake so I think, “Oh. It’s morning. Great.”
There is a difference in how I feel now and I know it’s not great. However, this is not where I want to talk about my depressive states of mind. Instead, I want to talk about how I’ve tried to adapt to the change and resist that state of mind.

1. I searched and found a local group
I utilized Facebook’s group and found a few that are in my area. Some are mom groups some are neighbor groups. This has helped tremendously because people have been generous in giving recommendations. I’ve even found childcare within the group.

2. I went to our local library. We have two libraries in the town we live in. After going to the first one, I found lots of resources in the city as well as things to do around town. The library often has free publications. One publication is a Parent magazine called Parent Map that highlights events around town for the whole month. I’ve filled in some events on our own calendar so that we schedule time to enjoy the city.

3. I’ve joined a gym. I know, I know. It was cliche for me to join a gym in January, but I’m glad I did. The New Year discounts have been amazing and not only that, joining a gym has helped lift my mood whenever I go. I’m able to take Eli to school and then the younger child and I go to the gym. She gets social time. I get mommy time. Win-win.

4. We have family weekend “adventures”. Last Saturday, we ventured to Point Ruston and had lunch Sunday we went to Kerry Park (suggested by my friend Kari. Thanks Kari!) to take the family photo above. For those of you who know me exclusively, you’ll get this photo in your mailbox along with our new address.

Zara at the Karshner Cultural Musuem in Puyallup.

5. I read devotionals and listen to my Pastor back home. I am actively looking for a church home here and it is a daunting task. For some, reading a devotional isn’t a part of your daily routine. And that’s fine, but it works for me. It gives me some light and encouragement at the beginning of my dad. It’s what I need. Maybe you need some motivation too. There are plenty of great books out there. For me, my book of choice in the morning is the Women of the Bible by Ann Spangler and Jean Syswerda. It’s a great devotional on women in the bible. I can see that even in those times, the trials of women are no different today.

6. I’m not afraid to tell people I’m new. In the grocery store, at the park, at church, I say hi we’re the Wilson’s and we’re new to the area. I usually get a smile, a welcome and some advice that I don’t have to ask for. It’s how I got a playdate for Zara yesterday, it’s how I find out more about the area, where to go grocery shop and so much more.

7. I keep writing. We don’t advertise my books on the Wilson people site very much (and perhaps we should) but it’s more on my author page I am publishing my second fiction book on February 4th. It has kept me busy and it’s the reason why our blogs here at the Wilsonpeople are so far and in-between. I’ve found my calling in book writing and can now say that I am an author. I have two books coming out this year and it is a time-consuming thing, but I absolutely love it. It brings me joy to develop characters and situations centered around everyday situations that teens face.
I get up early to write and sometimes stay up late to do the same. I could honestly write like a 9 to 5, but alas, I have children who need my every-waking attention so that often doesn’t happen.

I’m not saying you should write a book, but find your passion, it may even be something you have always wanted to do but haven’t tried yet.

I hope that this is helpful to someone out there who may be struggling in a new city or maybe someone who’s looking for ideas.

How do you keep yourself motivated each day?

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