Waffle Wednesdays


Everybody’s heard of Taco Tuesday. So how about Waffle Wednesday?


Waffles on Wednesday started when I realized we only have full size breakfasts on Saturday. Because of my work schedule (which is Monday through Friday), I would often get up on Saturday mornings and make pancakes, eggs and maybe some bacon and sausage. Usually our school week breakfast consists of cereal bars or whatever is grab-and-go-eat-in-the-car. Saturday was really the only time we had a “complete” breakfast. For Christmas, the kids received a Spiderman waffle maker and the kids wanted waffles that very same day she gave it to them (she gave it to them after Christmas actually). It just so happened that the day she gave it to them was a Wednesday. I found an easy waffle recipe and we made (way too many) waffles. I ended up freezing some waffles and decided that we would have them again soon.

Spiderman wafflesWaffle Wesnesdays, spiderman waffles

My kids are pretty picky eaters but they do enjoy a good breakfast menu. So I thought, why not have breakfast mid-week every week. And so Waffle Wednesday became a thing for us. Sometimes we have Spiderman waffles and sometimes we have “flower-heart-type” waffles from the waffle maker my husband bought me b4k (before kids). The kids love this and I feel good about giving them a hearty breakfast more than once a week!

Do you have a weeknight meal tradition?

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